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VSAT Solutions

Archway offers VSAT network designs, installations thereof and operation including service and maintenance. These networks provide dedicated communication lines between geographically separated locations and support services such as data, video, internet and voice.

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International Private Line

Archway International Leased Line is a wholesale private circuit service between customer endpoints located anywhere within Archway’s and its carrier partners’ footprints.
Service is available for telecommunications companies and end-customers demanding a high-quality, secure and reliable service. Committed bandwidth is guaranteed end-to-end.
Archway leased line is capable of carrying any kind […]

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Managed wavelength

Provides point-to-point telecommunication paths between endpoints for a designated user. The service is able to carry any data between endpoints and is managed 24 x 7 x 365 end-to-end. Due to the wide range of applications it may serve Archway’s MLLN service which is suitable for any end-user for […]

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Internet Access / IP transit

Archway IP transit is a carrier level quality service that enables customers to access the Internet with various bandwidth options ranging from 2Mbps to n*10Gbps. Archway International IP transit service targets various customers including Internet service providers, application service providers, content providers, data center operators demanding high quality internet […]

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The IP VPN service is provided using the combination of an intelligent Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS VPN) based core network, tail circuits between the customer premise and the core network, and fully managed customer premises equipment (CPE) routers.

Archway takes on the responsibility of providing and managing the total solution, […]

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Archway’s Ethernet service targets communication needs of transparent ethernet transmission with constant access rates and extremely low jitter. Ethernet service is fully transparent to customer traffic and provides point-to-point or point-to-aggregate transmission between the service access point at the customer’s premises and the interconnection point to Archway.

Archway’s core network […]

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