Archway Voice division

The Archway Voice division has been an active player in the international telecom voice and data market since 2007. Since then we have grown into a prominent industry player with solid experience working with Tier 1, 2 and 3 telecoms.

With exclusive access to retail traffic in developing markets, we can offer attractive A-Z worldwide hubbing deals or direct swaps.

Through our emphasis on our close relationships with established and growing operators throughout the world, Archway continues to design and develop new infrastructure and interconnects to stay ahead of the growing demand.
By partnering with Archway, operators immediately benefit from the high quality infrastructure which our team of technical experts designs, deploys and supports from various locations throughout Europe and The Middle East.

Our competitive advantages

If you are looking to send and receive international voice and data traffic, then consider the following competitive advantages that Archway can offer:

  1.  Unique Infrastructure: Archway operates a proprietary and dedicated voice and data infrastructure, which includes fibre connecting us directly to many of the major carriers in the industry, as well as physical PoPs in strategic locations allowing for ease of interconnection.
  2. Dynamic backup: Due to Archway’s extensive global data network, we have multiple failover options and thus ensure continuous and reliable service.
  3. Technical Support: 24/7 technical support ensures that partners and customers get efficient and effective resolution to any technical issues which may arise.
  4. Strategic routes: Capitalising on Archway’s infrastructure, our International Voice division offers unique capacity on dedicated routes throughout Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.
  5. Protocol flexibility: Operators can interconnect via TDM or IP, thus benefiting from the flexibility to work with either platform on our networks.